59 things to do instead of calling your ex

Recovery after a breakup involves more than just willpower, it takes an entire shift of habit. We become so used to speaking to our partner, that when the relationship cuts off we're left with a huge gap of time that could be filled with tears and tissues, or as an opportunity to create a fierce new self identity. Here are a ton of suggestions for how to fill the time instead of circling back to the broken familiarity.

1.) Call a friend
dont call your ex

2.) Take a walk

3.) Read a book

4.) Color a mandala

5.) Spend a few mindful minutes in quiet

6.) Go to the library

7.) Look up a recipe

8.) Write in a journal

9.) Join a gym

10.) Go shopping

11.) Take a hike

12.) Make a spotify playlist

13.) Follow MindBodyGreen on Facebook

14.) Follow Dylan Werner on Instagram

15.) Wander through a book store

16.) Write a grocery list

17.) Do a workout

18.) Draw a picture

19.) Call a family member

20.) Read a blog

21.) Go to church

22.) Do a new hairstyle

23.) Listen to music

24.) Read a newspaper at the coffee shop

25.) Go to a yoga studio
yoga instead of pining for an ex

26.) Read a scripture

27.) Find a gift for yourself on Etsy

28.) Take care of a plant

29.) Put on makeup

30.) Pay a bill

31.) Make a vision board

32.) Visit a friend

33.) Collect all your old stuff and donate it to goodwill

34.) Visit the landmarks in a nearby city

35.) Go dancing

36.) Organize your closet
organize instead of calling your ex

37.) Make a holiday decoration

38.) Go to a meeting (AA, Al-Anon, Celebrate Recovery, etc.)

39.) Clip your toenails

40.) Find a volunteer opportunity

41.) Go for a run

42.) Grow a garden

43.) Download a meditation app

44.) Spend time with kids

45.) Drive with the music up and the windows down

46.) Take a bath

47.) Talk to a Stephen Minister

48.) Blowdry your hair

49.) Watch a favorite old movie

50.) Give blood

51.) Try a new type of exercise (zumba anyone??)

52.) Have a cup of tea with honey

53.) Plan a group outing like bowling

54.) Research a new shampoo

55.) See a therapist

56.) Get a pedicure

57.) Go to the movies with girlfriends

58.) Make yourself a nice meal and save the extra serving for leftovers

59.) Walk around barefoot

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to spend your time rather than calling your lame ex. Yes, some of the things on this list are also lame. They're here to demonstrate that it's ok to have a perfectly normal and mundane life after a breakup. The key here is that the answer to the age-old question "should I call my ex?" is generally a resounding NO.


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