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Healing from the Inside Out

When I was collapsing from the outside in, I immersed myself in finding ways to heal from the inside out. I was literally at the point where I would try everything, so I put it all onto an artist's palette (metaphorically speaking) and began to paint myself a new life. I literally changed everything about myself, just to test the waters on the other side, and found healing in places I never dreamed possible. Some of the very situations that used to make my skin crawl became my norm.
There are some things that I started before embracing a plan for recovery, but the important things stayed with me and fueled my hope for a healthy and happy life. One of the biggest shifts I made, that was inspired by my children, was how- and what I ate. I knew that what I grew up on, and how I always felt too skinny or too weak, was not how I wanted my children to feel. I started to learn about food, and as my voracious appetite for nurture grew, so did my desire for knowledge of the food system fr…