The Ultimate Breakup Playlist

Katy Perry is arguably my favorite artist of all time. Her song, ROAR, helped me rediscover my strength when I was at an all time low. It's no secret that music heals, that it can bring us to life. When I first started listening to that song, it instantly transformed me into a confident and self-assured woman who had been knocked down, but re-emerged as a powerful force. At the time, I was teetering on the edge of my marriage and I heard everything I needed to hear from Katy. The past is the past, I can be strong now. 

A lot has changed since I created this breakup playlist. I've been through a divorce, a recovery program, I've transitioned into working full time and supporting my kids, and more but essentially I'm in a good place right now. I feel healed. So this morning, when my daughter asked, "why is this a sad song, but it doesn't sound sad" while listening to Katy Perry's The One That Got Away... I knew exactly what to say. It's because when we go through a hard time, but we take the time to heal and grow from it, we can look back at that time and talk about it without being sad any more. And it's really important to do that because we have to be able to talk to people who are dealing with brand new wounds and let them know that they can get to the other side of the hurt. It doesn't have to leave us, it can just better equip us to be a friend to those who need it. 

We need a lot more people like that. People who are comfortable speaking up about their struggles and how they got through the hurt. I don't know if we can ever really get over some hurts, but I do believe that we can heal and grow from anything. I think a lot about what Katy Perry has been through in her relationships. I used to relate heavily to her marriage to Russell Brand because loving someone with an addiction is an intoxication of its own kind. Coming out of that fog was a reawakening for me, and I felt every word on her Prism album resonating that same sentiment. I saw her perform ROAR at a Hilary Clinton rally, and at this point I would turn to either of them any day to bear witness to what it looks like to lose something or someone so deep it hurts. I'm truly heartened by Chained to the Rhythm because there is so much optimism in humor. 

Back to the important topic, though. What do you listen to in order to heal a heartbreak? I have some ideas, but to be honest, I spent most of my post-breakup in silence or on auto-pilot. It was only when I turned back on the music and started to dance again that I realized I was healing. 

Big Girls Don't Cry
Since u Been Gone
Dog Days are Over
She Will Be Loved
Summertime Sadness
The One that got Away
Breathe Deep
Fight Song
No Scrubs
Don't Speak


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